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The Relapse Clock

Why a Relapse Clock?


The idea of a Relapse Clock emerged some time ago when I first started working with addicts. In May 2023 I embarked on a piece of work with a group of clients at a local rehabilitation centre.  I introduced the concept of the clock and, as a group, we decided to explore this further. I have now set up this website which introduces the concept of the Relapse Clock, and includes my original article, which talks us through the process of building the clock. I  have also included the story of a recovering addict, ‘Ellie’ (not her real name).  As a result, I have produced some worksheets that can be used with clients, key-workers and rehabilitation centres.  Go to the download page, where you can download a black and white or coloured version of the clock worksheet.


I understand that the piece of work was subjective to our thoughts and ideas and I therefore have produced blank worksheets that can be customised to the particular work you might be carrying out with your clients.  The Relapse Clock effectively has emerged from the CBT (Cognital Behavioural Therapy) but  can be adapted for various other mental health conditions.


The Relapse Clock is a fresh way of looking at the process of relapse and the journey many addicts will travel as they seek to find ways to begin a process of recovery.  For many, this is a lifelong process, not straight-forward, but complex.  Suffice to say, all those who have suffered from addiction will either consider their situation to be that of a disease model (the Twelve Step Programme) or, as others have suggested, that addiction is part of the way we deal with emotional pain of the past and present (Garbo Mate). 

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