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About the Author

Philip Waine

I have been involved in the addictions field since the 1980s. Following my interaction with an addict and his wife in the early 2000's it became evident  that I needed to better understand the nature of addiction so that I might offer professionally informed support to the couple. I therefore embarked on obtaining an undergraduate degree in Counselling and Theology, followed by an MA in Integrative Psychotherapy. (see link at foot of page for details).

On completion of my degrees I joined the London based charity, Kids Company.  Most of my work there had a therapeutic aspect, and I subsequently mentored numerous families struggling with addictions.  In 2015 I returned to counselling, opening my own private practice, and in order to attain accredited status I started pro bono work at a local rehabilitation centre.  I continue to help at the centre on a weekly basis, carrying out group therapy and relapse work.

You can visit Philip's main website, 'Therapy On the Go’ by 
Clicking Here.


Personal Reference

“Philip Waine is a seasoned professional with outstanding counselling and therapeutic skills that he has developed through the right mix of dedicated client engagements and academic accreditation. I have known Philip personally for over 40 years and seen his robust and empathetic commitment to all those he works with – both voluntarily and in contracted services - and his open handed non-discriminatory approach comes from an open hearted wisdom that seeks solutions and gives people the latitude to develop their lives to maturity and freedom.”

Lord Dr Hastings of Scarisbrick CBE
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